MT4 & Too Big of a Screen Resolution

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This is probably as much as a constant reminder to myself, but I'm sure someone else starting out might find this point helpful.

On the MT4 Tool Bar, there is a "Chart Shift" button. This allows you to move the Leading Edge of the Chart off of the side.

When you have a 1920x1080 resolution or higher, when looking more closely at a pair, especially in a smaller time frame (M1 to M15) chart, be sure to move the Chart Shift point to near the middle of the Window. What happens if you don't is that MT4 will generally have more data on the screen than it was originally designed for. The visual scaling doesn't handle it well, bringing in a lot of data and making it hard to actually focus in tightly on a smaller section. At least not without looking like a bunch of pancakes on screen.

If you're just starting out and have a decently sized Desktop resolution, this is how you get "prettier" graphs & screens. MT4 does let you "Fix the Scale" of the screen, but most of the time this trick will suffice.

You could also Window the Chart, but this trick saves you some hassle/gives you control of the Leading Edge.
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