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Is there a solution to aggregate brokers on a single MT4 platform?

The objective being the ability to overlay correlated instruments from different brokers on a single chart.

ie. Broker A Symbol + Broker B Symbol on a Single MT4 chart.
There is, although not sure that placing all on one chart is the best way to determine a potential break in correlation
Rod, The intention is to overlay symbols on a single chart for identifying SMT divergence.

This is currently possible with EU and GU as they are both available from a single broker but unfortunately that is not the case with some other instruments.

That said if there is a better way of identifying SMT divergence than using a chart overlay Im all ears!?
Split screen templates is a viable alternative

If you want to compare instruments from different MT4 instances, onto the same carts then you have to send and compare MT4 messages. Use something like MT4i QuickChannel to get started.
Thanks Rod but MT4 coding is way beyond my mortal capacity. Can you recommend anyone to type this puppy up for me?
Also suggest that you spend a lot of effort drawing up a detailed 'Functional' specification for the coder.
Found a solution to this in the form of broker Avatrade. They offer usdx & T notes on MT4, demo account is for a limited time though, and, for some reason the 10 year T note quote is a full dollar different to Oanda, also, spreads on avatrade are verging on laughable unless your position trading...
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