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Hello everyone!
I always have been just a reader of the trading forums but this forum and it's respectful and friendly environment made me write something. So, this post is my first post ever in the trading communities :D
I learned about FX market on the Internet about 5 years ago and after learning the basics I always wanted to have my own trading strategy with consistent and reliable results. Coding and testing different trading strategies took 4 years of my life and now it's about one year that I think I can trade the way I like and making profit.
I'm a software engineer and can code in MQL4, also I will start studying for my Master's in Artificial Intelligence next month and my Thesis will be about improving my trading system using Artificial Neural Networks. I hope you guys help me in this way.
In addition, I'm trading from a country where it is under sanctions. It means I cannot transfer money and open account easily and the worst thing is that Forex trading is illegal in here but you know, always there is a way out ;)

Thank you for reading this.
Welcome to the forum! Respectful environment is what we strive for. Debates are part of life, but each should debate respecting the other. :)

Think jack was looking into artificial neural networks a while back. He’s pretty much the brains here. :p I Dabbled a bit with it in my earlay days, but got nowhere, lol.

Good luck with your trading and situation.


FTMO Trader Scouting