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“If I tell you how I would manage that [$100,000,000] now, I would no longer have a competitive edge.” – Perry Kaufman

No matter what your trading results have been in the past, trading remains one of the best ways to the ultimate attainment of financial freedom. During the recent global credit crunch, many people became fearful of the future, because economic crises sometimes compel good organizations to dismiss their responsible workers.

Many people did not realize this until it happened to them. They thought they only needed to work hard, and their job would be secure, and they would enjoy the ensuing financial security. But after the myth has been busted, many people became so anxious about a poor financial future and the effects it could have on their family.

Then many people started seeing trading as a great option: you can trade successfully anywhere, as long as you have access to a good internet connection and then enjoy financial security. The riches inherent in the markets are limitless, though it would be realistic to walk towards this gradually. Please renew your determination and partake in the journey to financial freedom.

‘Learn from the Generals of the Markets’ is a groundbreaking book.

For those who want to attain success by trial and error, it would take many years of harrowing experience to attain success. Nevertheless, for those who are guided by the principles adopted and revealed by the traders who are already victorious, the learning curve can be sped up and the journey made smoother. This means that it will take a far shorter period to attain success if you learn from the industry experts.

You can trade successfully!

This piece is ended with the quote below:

“[Aim] for less and/or less complex rules to build a stable and robust trading system… Churning out higher returns in the end is near to impossible without continuously risking less along the way.” – Dirk Vandycke

Can we copy other's trading strategy and plan and can trade according to the experienced trader's who are already successful in Forex?
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