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I have studied elliottwave for the same amount of time i have been taught how to trade by Michael Huddleston
these are 2 concepts i trade as 1


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Re: InnerCircleTrader VS Elliottwave or Both?

Lets take another look then...


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Plenty around here cant stand elliottwave, so here's a couple more charts Lol
I seem to be getting better at internalising ICT models inside of price action cycles using both concepts combined
Sometimes things do not go as planned, but that's fine, i just start the process over to put me in the right bias

Fiber & Cable


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Cable tracking higher into short term resistance possibly


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Fiber still on a Buy Model so far

second chart is an alternate chart, when proven wrong we re evaluate


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Long Cable chart...

Was Long Fiber also, took 30% off each trade @ 70 pips

Cable still active for higher prices


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

I don't know what other traders think or see in these charts, especially the last couple i have posted here...
As a manual trader, i mark these charts as they progress in there higher time frame perspectives, sometimes the forecast is a bit tricky and some times it is pretty plain and simple, those simple times are the ones to wait for, for me anyway. If the price objective is unfolding, then it is time to hunt for a good entry. I am at a point in my trading, where is can see ICT's concepts on any blank chart, i could draw trees and leaves all over the chart and still see what i am looking for, high and low time frames.
At the moment i see cable still in a strong bullish momentum, if proven wrong, that's when i will re evaluate the chart and start over, in the mean time i have made good pips buy buying only...
Re: InnerWaveTrader

Cable example of a correction to a buy signal


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

building the buy model, identifying support areas for buy signals into time of day

stops 1.48120


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Cable Developing Sell Model to sell signals exercises


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Look at the previous charts and tell me what you see?
If you see yourself understanding these charts and want to explore further into the precision concepts shared here
what are you waiting for... ;)


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

As we thought, Cable would continue to climb, giving us a strong long side bias


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Fiber re cap for long side objectives reached


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Re: InnerWaveTrader

Pretty simple isn't it, to mark out buy and sell models
impulsive and corrective, gives you bias


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Elliottwave and News Jobless Claims sell off in Fiber


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EA update, move from smart money reversal sell model buy signal


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