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Hi everyone, I'm new to forex and a student of ICT. Forex fell into my lap 7 years ago when I was a cab driver and a college student. I meet a forex trader in my cab and he told me about forex and how if someone puts in the work and time they can make it a career. I always kept it in the back of my mind because I loved numbers and I loved the opportunity of not being dependent on anyone to provide for myself.
After college and starting my own seasonal business, three years ago on my off season I decided to start looking into learning forex since I knew I had 6 months of free time. I stumbled onto a forum ran by ICT. I knew instantly he was the mentor I was looking for because he told me everything I didn't want to hear about trading. I studied what was taught to me and then went back to my demanding work schedule which would make it nearly impossible to study the markets and give myself the best chance of being a consistently profitable trader, year after year.
Recently, I've changed professions and have much more free time and I plan to utilize that time to study the markets and soak up everything I can from those who are qualified and willing to help. I plan on going live this year and giving it a go. The main gripe that I have with myself is that I'm mostly a technical trader and I don't study the fundamental aspects of trading and how all the asset classes are interconnected. I really like the wow factor that comes with being able to anticipate future price action based on past price action, but I feel like for me to "stay" in this profession year after year and survive, it would be most beneficial for me to have a sound understanding on fundamental principles as well as being a sound technical trader. I hope to learn much along the way and become a profitable consistent trader and I look forward to joining this forum.
Well anyone putting any time and effort into something can turn up some results, whether it'd be good or bad if you didn't learn anything you didn't really do anything.

One thing I'd advise you also is to focus on one set of skills or tools then expand, but separate that which is your core and that which is your testing because new information and new techniques can be a burden and eventually poison the proper way to use the tools.

Fundamentalist vs Pure Technical is an age old argument... usually the scenario is one is right one is wrong and none are right. Therefore become the enigma and do not restrict to just 1. I know I said focus on one thing first, but the point will be to focus on one and then expand :D.

Aside from that Welcome and ask questions.
FTMO Trader Scouting