Indicator that attempts to identify an Order Block

Aslan Ramit

New Member
I coded a indicator that attempts to identify Order Blocks.
As finding an Order Block is a little discretionary you still have to validate if it really is an OB or not. A good one or not.
I also included in its code the ADR indicator that Michael uses on his videos.
Is the indicator very good? Is it updated?


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Hi where can I find the order block multi timeframe EA, Would it be possible for you to add an alert when the ADR has been met?


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The file provided was an EX4.. I might be able to convert it for people, or at least see how difficult the process would be, if someone can provide the original MQL4 source file. (Please don't decompile the EX4 file as the resulting code is very difficult to understand.)
can you convert it..?