im looking for a trading strategy that works.

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In my opinion, the "Trend Attack" strategy is the most profitable. From the name of this strategy, it is obvious that cryptocurrency trading will be carried out only according to the trend. Due to some tools, it will be possible to weed out flat areas. Despite the rather rare stops, the trader will cover losses and earn due to prolonged trend movements. I made a lot of money from this strategy. I have plans to make repairs with this money, or at least replace the heating system. I found a place where you can order radiators direct online, how best to take it now because the prices allow


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It is a minority the ones who are really willing to learn to trade. It is worthless trying to teach people who are not quite self-directed imo.

No matter if they want to pay or not to learn, most people do not have the time nor the strength to resist the pressure and complexity of trading.

That's it.
The instant gratification pandemic we find ourselves in these days


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Hello wysetrader

According to me it is extremely helpful to use indicators and oscillators , Rsi is a good oscillator as it indicates over bought and sold levels in the market , this can be used to understand when a trend could potentially reverse . the Over bought and sold levels are a consequence of the world vide volume of orders being held . When we close buy orders they are automatically excecated as sell orders and the opposite applies for the sell orders closing . This means if a market is 90% over bought (90% of buy orders held) is is a matter of time before those buy orders are closed (profit taking ) and they will become sells .

A good trading strategy is one that can consistently make profits. There are many different strategies that traders use, but the most important factor is to find a strategy that suits your personality and risk tolerance. Some popular strategies include trend trading, breakout trading, and swing trading. It's important to do your own research and backtest any strategies you plan to use before risking real money. There are many free resources online that can help you get started. Good luck!
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