im looking for a trading strategy that works.

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In my opinion, the "Trend Attack" strategy is the most profitable. From the name of this strategy, it is obvious that cryptocurrency trading will be carried out only according to the trend. Due to some tools, it will be possible to weed out flat areas. Despite the rather rare stops, the trader will cover losses and earn due to prolonged trend movements. I made a lot of money from this strategy. I have plans to make repairs with this money, or at least replace the heating system. I found a place where you can order radiators direct online, how best to take it now because the prices allow
It is a minority the ones who are really willing to learn to trade. It is worthless trying to teach people who are not quite self-directed imo.

No matter if they want to pay or not to learn, most people do not have the time nor the strength to resist the pressure and complexity of trading.

That's it.
The instant gratification pandemic we find ourselves in these days
Hello wysetrader

According to me it is extremely helpful to use indicators and oscillators , Rsi is a good oscillator as it indicates over bought and sold levels in the market , this can be used to understand when a trend could potentially reverse . the Over bought and sold levels are a consequence of the world vide volume of orders being held . When we close buy orders they are automatically excecated as sell orders and the opposite applies for the sell orders closing . This means if a market is 90% over bought (90% of buy orders held) is is a matter of time before those buy orders are closed (profit taking ) and they will become sells .

A good trading strategy is one that can consistently make profits. There are many different strategies that traders use, but the most important factor is to find a strategy that suits your personality and risk tolerance. Some popular strategies include trend trading, breakout trading, and swing trading. It's important to do your own research and backtest any strategies you plan to use before risking real money. There are many free resources online that can help you get started. Good luck!
hello guys,

looking for an any kind of trading strategy to make some money. i have used youtubers trading strategy's over a year in a demo account but still nada. please if you know a good strategy let me know thank you.
finding a successful trading strategy takes time and practice. Use technical indicators like Moving Averages (e.g., 50 and 200 SMA) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) for confirmation.Look for clear trends, choose a higher timeframe, such as the daily or 4-hour chart.
Seeking a profitable trading strategy? Remember, consistent success requires personalized education, patient practice, and rigorous risk management.
Study the charts and discover what you see. There are no holy grails. You have to learn you in the charts and you will have your successful strategy.
Focus in money management. The trading style or technique is not that important.

Partial often, do not give away back to the market what you got, reduce your expectations and think prices are going to go against you sooner than you were believing, lower your leverage and general exposure, do not sell short, trade only ascending markets that will allow you entering long.

Use a trading simulator instead of a demo account to test different setups until you find out how to make money from your trading.

Accept also that trading is not for the majority of people and that your odds of becoming a succesful trader are almost zero. Do not get too concerned with this and, if you see that you cannot do it, accept it.

Anyways, if you work hard for a few years and perform strong backtesting techniques, you have nothing to fear but losing your time in the worst case.

There are not certainties in trading, we just bet high-odds setups, and keeping the odds by yourside, you will be able to develop a statistically positive technique. Remember, this is a probability game, you need to bet when you are on a high probability situation and average across multiple bets.

Finally, develop ONE unique setup and work on it. One setup only is what you need to make a living spending 2 or 3 hours a day only after you get it. So test and test until by chance you find something that works for you.

About the techniques, I use my personal implementation of ICT (inner circle trader). ICT is by far superior to what I do and it is free and available at the youtube's Inner Circle Trader channel. Do not expect understanding it in less than 2 years of deep and extensive study and practice. And give yourself another 2 or 3 years to be able to get something out from it. Keep your expectations low.
Hi! Could you expand maybe on why you suggest only going long instead of shorting?
finding a successful trading strategy takes time and practice. Use technical indicators like Moving Averages (e.g., 50 and 200 SMA) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) for confirmation.Look for clear trends, choose a higher timeframe, such as the daily or 4-hour chart.
What common mistakes are often made when implementing these strategies, and how can they be avoided?
How did you personally approach studying charts to develop your own successful trading strategy?
Just time and focusing on psychology. You have to learn you and how you react to the charts. You can then begin to see what resonates with you. I tried indicators, but I hated the way my chart looked. I hated a busy chart, and that led me to the book Naked Forex. Reading that book helped me learn about reading price action. I don't back test. I forward test using a second small account that I use very small risk on. (I am not recommending this for you or anyone).


You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities and, in particular, in trading futures and options, and in trading forex.
My post are not intended or given as a licensed securities brokerage, broker, investment advisor, tax or accounting professional and should not be considered as legal advice or advice in general. I am not liable for anything you or anyone does based off a reading any post or response post of mine. Therefore; NOTHING CONTAINED in this or any post constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, promotion endorsement, or offer by me for you to do business with anyone, any service, any transaction, or any investment.

Now with that being said, through losing and winning, I saw what I did right and wrong. I tracked my results and before long, I saw the trades that were successful for the way I saw and currently see the market. I trade and I study my mistakes. I don't just study charts for the sake of studying charts. That, for me, is to much busy work that can take away from my mental capital. I watch film like football players do, meaning, I watch YouTube videos of other traders being interviewed. Some things I keep, some I reject immediately. I want to be a better trader and everyday in some way possible, I move toward that goal.

Each post from me will come back to the same thing. Your best strategy is to learn yourself and how you see and respond to price. Keep what works and reject immediately what doesn't. Then test, test, test. Demo to get the fun of trading out of your system and Journal your results in a way you understand.

Hope this helps
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Try learning Naldo method and Offshore method. They are similar to ICT. They will then help you understand Micheal's ICT better.

I rarely recommend traders apart from ICT himself. I also know Offshore method and, if you want to simplify ICT, you need to check TraderMike on Youtube, he is really good and simple, and also applies ICT. Much easier to get than the rest with an effectivenes of about 2-6 percent a month net profit.
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