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I hope it's OK to start a thread on stocks.

Posting my small study on the exercise ICT gave recently. I used the same dates for everything, basing on measuring the drop of the Nasdaq index high on 9/19/14 dropping to low of 10/15/14 and then buying/rally to 1/30/15, which is around ICT's time target to sell out.

Drop% Rally%
Nasdaq 10.15% 10.79%

ADP 5.18% 14.58%
ALXN 4.91% 12.74%
AMGN 10.98% 15.54%
AVGO 23.13% 32.10%
CERN 6.27% 15.98%
CHKP 7.98% 15.08%
ESRX 8.10% 14.55%
FISV 7.93% 16.08%
GMCR -1.35% -14.81%
KRFT 6.04% 17.36%

I think GMCR is an outlier, it rallied instead of dropped when the index fell and ended up dropping while the index rallied.

I'll probably be doing more research and posting them here..
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