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Hi all, thank you Michael and all for sharing this information. I trade with MT4 and I'm looking for an MT4 Order blocks indicator with the mq4 source code so I can modify it for calling via iCustom to create an Order Block dashboard for alerting me of trade opportunities. Does anyone have an MT4 Order blocks indicator with the mq4 source code that they can share with me or can anyone point me to where I can find one? I hope somone can help, thanks.

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Hello FxGearheads...

My name is Michael and I have been trading for nearly 20 years. I started as a Commodity Trader under the not so profitable tutoring of Ken Roberts. I eventually connected with Larry Williams and well... the rest is history.

I like sharing insights and ideas I employ in my Trading and enjoy mentoring new and developing Fx Traders. I host a website in very earlier development which is entirely free and will never sell or request donations... as well as a Youtube Channel.

I am pleased to see a new startup like this and wish it continued success and growth!

Thanks for yet another Educative Content


Thank you for your comment. I was a break even trader until I started to use the ICT concepts. I don't want to say how many gurus I studied because it will be annoying.
ICT teaches a bundle of facts you can use to build a strategy upon.

It is not a system that you are going to learn lesson by lesson until you get the ultimate strategy.

However, Michael gives a lot of examples, it is like a puzzle. Imo you just have to find a few strong convergences and create your trading model with them.
Yes, I think the ICT process implies a bit more of preparation if compared to other systems. But on the ICT's Youtube channel all the materials you need to trade based on ICT are found.

Basically and I won't try to be extensive nor precise in my explanation, if you watch the Youtube videos you will find what you need:

- Market Maker programs.
- Institutional order-flow. Specially order-blocks, pivot points, old highs and lows, breakers and mitigation blocks.
- Interest rates and other correlated factors and instruments.
- Multi-timeframe analysis.
- OTE pattern.
- In order to apply ICT, I think you need to be aware of a key concept that is the break in market structure and the smart-money shift as well; all understood within the ICT conceptual framework that is explained on the ICT Youtube channel.

The BMS is when an important swing is broken announcing a directional bias potential change and the SMS is when there is a return to an old order block or liquidity area, a mitigation of previous orders. ICT teaches to enter during these retracements. The following schema is one of the structures I pursue most often. Just take it as a generic idea, because I may be wrong in my interpretation and it may have flaws.

In any case, please just take it, because I do not teach nor have time to give further explanations about something that is already explained by the author on Youtube.

View attachment 8295

My advice, in any case, is to study for six months at least, maybe for one year, all the materials shared on Youtube, taking detailed notes and screenshots. I used to draw by hand even the different chart patterns that Michael describes on his videos. Then you can be practising and studying for another six months. And when you see that you are still not being profitable, then you should start again to study the materials and you will start to match ideas.

You do not need anything else other that was Michael has uploaded to his Youtube channel. One of the most important series is the Scout Sniper series; I think it shows the elementary ideas; but you also need to frame all inside the market-maker program and all the points I have written before.

This is a long journey that requires a lot of work, trading is not anything someone can explain to you, you need to learn it by yourself the same you need to spend 8 hours a day playing piano to become a decent musician.

Finally, Michael has a private mentorship program as well if you find anything missing.
Thank you so much for this .
Invaluable to me
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