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Hi all,

I recently started trading with a company that doesn't support the MT4 platform, they have a proprietary one that uses Java. I've begun relying on only three of ICT's indicators but those serve me very well and i'd like to continue using them, his ADR/Asian Range/Killzones, however ADR/Killzones seem not to convert properly from mq4 into Java using the platform's own converter and Asian Range is available only as a compiled ex4 file. After trawling the net I see that it is illegal to decompile ex4 files if the author doesn't want to release the source code and as programming is beyond my ken I can understand why.

Does anyone know where I can get a reliable, fee-payable i.e. legal service to convert files to mq4, or better, directly to Java? In the future I may also find other indicators of his of use too so it would be a handy resource to have. Or does anyone have Asian Range as mq4 that I can give a try?

Thanks to whoever can help,


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Does any one has the ICT Indicators? I went to the following links but the link provided which are:


http://fxgears.com/forum/index.php/topic,563.msg12935/topicseen.html#msg12935 (See: Trader Resources)

When I go to the site I get this message: See attachment.


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Link got updated some point ago.


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