ICT Days Highs Lows Mt4

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It's a very common indicator hi and lo it does not have to be Ict. Also it's included as an option in many different indies .
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have any one ICT Previous days Highs & lows indicator for mt4 ?

Being important, notice thet PDH and PDLs are often targets, no starting points. Once you get there, you want to close your position. It is true, though, that sometimes you are lucky and your session starts with a PDL or PDH being taken out, and magic begins.

You may be more interested in spotting the previous sessions highs and lows (Asian session 20:00-0:00 EST time especially for FX) and 0:00 NY time price generally speaking.

For indices, as they play during NY session, the Asian Session is not that relevant and you will be interested in other type of reference areas such as relatively equal lows and highs and H1/H4 liquidity areas, incluing breakers, obs, fair-value, gaps, mitigation areas, etc...

But what it is really important is that you respect and trade exclusively during the killzones.

Once you learn, the market structure and the setups just come out of the chart in real time and you realize that it is more important the present data than the past data. Past data is only extra information.

I tell you all this because ICT targets PDL and PDH unless it is the case that a draw on liquidity happens during a killzone and there are chances for it to be kind of Judas swing or turtle soup setup, etc...

I hope this info helps.
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