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ICT_crap_meter = 0
ICT_demo_profit = 100000
ICT_twitter_followers = 5804
While you waste your time listening to me:
if ICT_crap_meter = 100 or ICT_demo_profit = 0
break # mission accomplished you will never get back the time I took from U
elsif You love crap:
I am full of it
ICT_crap_meter += 1
elsif You realise I am a fraud:
Lets have a competition after school
I will not show up. I talk shit IDK Y
elsif I had a life:
I would not spend 3 hrs talking to myself because I turned off chat
I will spend 3 more hours repeating because I am blocking out the truth
elsif you begin to lose interest:
I will promise a new marketmaker installment
elsif I got a few predictions correct:
I will give twitter a break so you miss me
elsif I am going to open a real account over_the_shoulder bitches
In the fall
Which fall? IDK I talk shit
elsif I think I can trade now:
I will open a demo to show baby_pips I can trade
ICT_demo_profit = ICT_demo_profit - ICT_twitter_followers
More newbies. Rinse and repeat

Print " Your time wasted fills my inflated ego "
FTMO Trader Scouting