How to Be a Millionaire with OCEANNSKY

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Minus the fact he ran a bucket shop and is probably going to prison in the nearish future, this guy produces comedy gold.

The first page is okay, but it gets to be gold from page 2 on. I got a great laugh from it. Probably wouldn't if I'd been scammed out of money.
rod178 said:
The big concern is that Canadian Immigration let this character in.

He came in as a child, per he own (now deleted) press releases.

I think the bigger concern is that for as much as we talk about the SEC, FTC and assorted US Government agencies as being bought off and not prosecuting people, it seems Canadian authorities are REALLY bad about handling financial crimes.
The US seems to hand down some reasonably severe penalties for financial crime, although not as severe as China. ie potential Firing Squad with consequent organ donation(s).

Canada seems to be more like Australia, a slap on the wrist or, at the most, a short stay in a low secuity prison. I logically prefer the US approach, although emotionally i prefer the Chinese approach.
FTMO Trader Scouting