How do you evaluate your trading routine?

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Hey, what’s up, guys?
So there’s a question at the top of my mind for a while now.
Let’s say you want to look at some charts at the end of the week or month, etc., to evaluate what you did with your deals. What would those charts be?
At the end of a week, I look at the weekly chart just to get a bigger picture. I do not usually concentrate or look at the monthly chart though. I am a day trader, during the week, I mainly concentrate on the H1 chart to look for trading opportunities.
I keep a trading journal with details of each trade I have done and review that regularly each week/month. I like to look at the currencies over a period of time to see the fluctuations throughout the year.
I log each trade I take and take screen shots of the before and afters. First port of call I look at the losers and try and see if I broke any rules and if so how can I try and avoid it happening again. Once done with the losers I will look at winners as sometimes a winning trade isn't always a good trade.
You gotta log all your trades reasons for getting in exits explained.
Why you lost even examine your winners to make sure your trading logic was sound
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