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Hey I'm Adil, and I just discovered this forum from reddit.
I have studied economics and I'm currently learning programming with Python, and while learning I have read and learnt a little bit about algotrading and I got interested. I am more into Crypto & Stocks Futures. I'm here to learn a bit more about trading, algotrading as well.

Hi Adil. Welcome to the forum. Are you looking at creating an algorithmic crypto trading bot down the line?
Hi Adi I wish you the best of luck in your programming career .
Lots of free content on YouTube and in forums like here
Just as an advice.

If you start out using ANOVA and classic econometrics, you won't get any useful result most likely.

Imho, the best way to start is having a low-level model, not just a generic idea, when it comes to algotrading.

It does not mean you need a complex system, but at least something that is far from being raw financial data.

With Python, the XGBoost library is a good one to start with feature engineering.
Hey! Trading is especially beneficial for beginners now, as only beginners can notice what experienced traders do not see.
FTMO Trader Scouting