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I found this website via reddit; I've had this webpage open for at least a week now on my Chrome browser, but finally took the time to read around on the forums tonight. This concept of keeping a trading journal is exactly what I decided to do during last Christmas vacation. I created scottstocks.com using Wordpress and did some HTML/CSS coding to get it looking fancy.

I have a Finance degree, but currently manage my friends' machine shop. Work has slowed this year, so I try to spend the extra time watching the market and doing a little trading. I only hold long positions; but I'd like to get into options/FX trading. Hopefully you guys can help (college doesn't teach much practical/useful info).

I don't get paid much at the machine shop, so I'm looking for a new job and also in the middle of starting my own business. Trading is another source of income. I'm hoping to use the cash to build a house and get married by the time I'm 30. The only way this is possible is if I start making a lot more money than I have been the past couple years. I'm probably crazy, but if I take risks and think smart, the marriage/house thing will happen. In the meantime, I enjoy life.

I added FXgears to the top of the bookmarks bar, so I'll see you guys around!
FTMO Trader Scouting