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Hi everyone

This’s Hosni from Egypt, i’m 34 years and I would thank you so much for accepting me in your community it’s my pleasure, I would introduce myself as a coming from the dark trader, I first had been trained on FOREX trading since 2006!! But i went through the cycle of the full-time job for about 8 years and forgot about trading, May be in Egypt we have the culture of the industrial age to be employed in a full-time job as the secured way of living, Of course this’s a maintained income stream but it’s not everything, I went through a lot of no-situation-control in my life when i realized that the full time job is important but not more than my dreams and passion, to be short and sorry for the long thread, Now i came back to the screen with a demo account trying to get the sensibility of the market again, I would spend a pretty good long time to study and learn from all of you and of course if i had any insight i would share with you.

Very sorry for too long typing, Hope you all a profitable learning journey, Not only money but also the more important.

Shokoran <Thank you in Arabic ;D).
Hello and welcome Hosin! Good to see that you've decided to come back and give it another shot, I definitely understand how easy it is to get pulled away from trading because of other responsibilities.
Hi and welcome! There is nothing wrong with working while learning to trade as it's important not to put reliance on trading, especially while learning. How are you approaching the markets this time around?
FTMO Trader Scouting