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I am a PhD student in Dublin studying machine learning.

I have a background in medical physics (undergrad and radiotherapy experience) and data science (masters), banking (2 years in finance dept.) and risk consultancy (2 years in big 4).

I have invested some of my savings into S&P500 ETFs as the interest rates in Ireland are muck - they are essentially 0% so my cash is just sitting in accounts doing nothing.

With my PhD I'm studying in the field of anomaly detection in financial fraud, and hoping to apply my anomaly detection techniques to the market as I always wanted to get into proper algo trading. Been lurking on various reddit forums for a long time but felt since I've started plunging myself into the machine learning a lot that I think it's time I became far more involved in the community and would love to hopefully work with someone on this content.

I've a lot to learn but hoping this forum will accelerate that!

Thanks, and please let me know if anyone here has experience in machine learning or is generally interested in the topic! Would love to talk to more people about their work.

Thanks a lot,
Jack (aka Juck)
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