Hello Everyone.

FTMO Trader Scouting


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First, I'm glad to have found this place. Second...when it comes to Forex and all things related I'm as green as Bullish Candles (Mine anyway...) so I will be trying my best to learn as much as I can.

A little about myself and why I decided on Forex. (I won't be long...promise.)

I'm a husband and a father of 3. I've always been interested in currency (not the numbers part, but the volatility of it and how it could be interpreted, and then capitalized upon.) After years of chasing passions, I decided it's time to learn this skill set and use that potential to chase my passions in time. It's not a matter of "If", but " When".

I do tend to lurk, it's just part of my learning process. However, I respond as soon as I can if reached out to. I will ask questions as I see fit and do my due diligence, to not come off as someone looking for a free meal. I want to learn how to fish.

I'll end this post like this: Take care of each other. We're all we've got. ✌
FTMO Trader Scouting