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I have been holding off giving myself introduction here, simply because i need to test anything i put out my hands to in life. I have been studying business and have been in business since i was 21. Some ventures successful and some not. The successful ones however, do not pay enough for me... I could write 100 pages about my life here, but i will keep it short and sweet, and hopefully help any trader looking to make money in this tough physcologically twisted heart wrenching, gut stabbing, brain teasing, money steeling busniess Lol
And that is just it! You need to have a Solid mind set to go with Knowledge, guts! & hands on experience to trade the forex markets. Do you ever feel like when your about to make a trade or you have made a trade, that your making the trade on hope? well if that happens to you, you need to keep pushing to learn what goes on. I have put on trades before and then said to myself, that trade was made out of hope! i hope it goes my way. This is not how to trade! We need to know! Know when we are right and have confidence in what we are about to do.
Have you ever had it tough in your life some where along the line? these are the things that can make a person think hard in life, and think about what makes things tick! To me trading is just like every day life, a kind of daily routine that we all do and go through. I know there is market moods and how they behave daily. If you think about it right, we get out of bed and start moving around, first stop breakfast to fuel our day. The markets do the same thing with small and large moves. We move and construct our day in up and down moves and really ramp up the day between morning tea and lunch, then we start to wind down the day heading for the finish bell, then home to sleep. What i am trying to say here, is, the markets have impulsive moves then corrective moves, corrective is when we go home, to set up again for the next day. If you can work out when the market is waking up and when its heading hard and fast for lunch, you will have a chance in this business. I know it might sound a bit silly, but who is the market? We are, people are the market who live and breath as the markets do. Positive and negative moods. Do you kow how to read people? if you dont, maybe study some body language, there is language in the market place that can tell you the story as it goes.
FTMO Trader Scouting