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FTMO Trader Scouting
Ok you have my attention! but my brain is hurting trying to determine what your divulging here..

So you have the zero lag MACD and OsMA indicators working together presumably to reduce false signals?

Can you explain what the boxes are? why two shades of blue and why the fib is upside down?! Oh and what it has to do with Gauge the Open?!

So many questions, so little time to live ;)
Hey. Disregard MACD & OsMA in this case, they were there for other analysis.
Coloured boxes are session boxes.

Expand or retrace depending on previous price action. For shorts you draw fib from TMA start of session to high of TMA in dark zone.
Reverse process for longs (attachment below)

In attachment below, London open last night 6th Jan, price bounced off 23.6 fib level. Look for confirmation & enter.
Trade activation zone is .14 to 38.2 fib.

Good trades to you foreigner


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FTMO Trader Scouting