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An Accurate Friday Strategy for Forex and Binary Options

Revolutionize Your Trading Career
The purpose of this strategy is to show you how to trade most important fundamental figures that come out on Fridays. The strategy focuses on CAD and USD pairs only. It would only take you a maximum of 15 minutes per week. It comes with about 75% accuracy. The strategy is very simple and easy to familiarize oneself with.

This strategy makes you to:
Understand the strategy and use it in real market conditions
Apply the strategy with good results on Binary Options
Apply the strategy also on Forex markets, if you trade Forex
Spend far less time in the markets, while improving your results

According to, Fridays are among worst times to trade, because liquidity dies down during the latter part of the U.S. session. Well, this statement is correct, but there is one wonderful strategy that can take advantage of the unpredictable nature of the markets on Fridays. This is what the strategy here is all about, and it could be one of the most wonderful things you will come across in the world of trading.

Fridays are always quiet in the currency markets, unless some fundamental figures are released. Even employment figures from USA and Canada tend to have transitory effects in some cases. This is why some people believe it is difficult to trade on Fridays. However, the markets have symmetry; whatever can bring losses to traders can also bring profits.

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Details of the Strategy

Strategy name: Friday Market Tamer

Strategy type:

Financial markets: Forex and binary options

Suitability: Good for part-time traders

Time horizon:


Buy setup:

Sell Setup:

Recommend risk per trade:

Stop loss:

Take profit:

Risk-to-reward ratio:

Trailing stop:

Breakeven stop:

Trade duration:

Hit rate:


Maximum number of trades every Friday:

This piece is ended with the quote below:

“The answer to why a market moves is always an imbalance in supply and demand. So, why was there an imbalance in supply and demand? Most of the time we will never know! It could be a news event was a catalyst, but often the price reaction to news is tough to figure out. Trying to figure out the specific “why” may cause you to miss trades, so I personally don’t bother.” – Rick Wright

Please get more information here: Friday Market Tamer:
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