Equities Forecast Q2 2022: Fed Policy Remains the Biggest Risk for Equity Markets

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GoodMan Ashik

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An unstable first quarter for US values, which wrestled with an expansion battling Federal Reserve as well as expanded international pressures. The last option coming from Russia's intrusion of Ukraine. Hence, the S&P 500 has posted a quarterly loss of around 5%, while the market attitude has moved from a "buy the plunge inclination" to a "sell the tear". Finishing off Q1, a significant part of the variables that tormented value markets will stay the critical drivers in Q2.

Likewise, considering the expanded international pressures inciting a critical bid in energy markets, with oil immovably above $100/bbl, close by Chinese instigated supply interruptions, potential gain dangers will stay for expansion. In that capacity, a generally watchful Federal Reserve in battling expansion pressures, hope to add more flurry in containing those potential gain dangers and carrying rates to unbiased as fast as could be expected.

This spells one more extreme period ahead for risk craving in which the inclination stays a sell on tears. All things considered, my view stays that the greatest gamble for value markets will keep on being Fed arrangement.
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