Do you guys think that money can buy happiness?

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I asked this question on another forum, but I'm always curious to see what everyone thinks about this subject, especially since we all come from different backgrounds.
Do you think that having money is the key to happiness? No more worries about where the next meal is coming from, paying the bills, etc. It certainly takes some of the stress out of life.
Or do you think that having money can be a negative? We've still seen rich people struggle with depression, heartbreak, and substance abuse issues. Sometimes, having the money and connections can lead to demise. Maybe some celebrities would still be alive if they had never become rich.

I think that money can't buy some of the best things in life. Can't bring back our loved ones, or buy real love, etc. At the same time, I think life is stressful and uncomfortable if you don't have enough money.

What does everyone else think?


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I would say it can't 'buy happiness', but it sure can help prevent worry and stress which could prevent some sadness.
Having enough to be comfortable and do what you like will get you to the equilibrium
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