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My MT4 platform (FXpro version4 build 1010) is really laggy. I have reduced max bars in history and chart to 10 000 and removed all indicators from charts (12 charts) but its still laggy (when I move the crosshair its leaving the lines behind which is bugging the *&%^$ out of me!!)

I have read that with previous MT4 builds you could right click the platform icon>properties>shortcut>open file location>history , then within the history folder delete FXpro live and/or demo folders, and this would speed up the platform.However, on this build when I do this, the history folder only has 3 folders (default, mailbox and symbolsets).

I can access the FXpro live/demo folders by going through the "Open Data Folder" then "history folder" when the platform is open. I just want to know if its ok to delete these folders on this build and when the platform is open

Many thanks
Have you first tried to speed thing up by deleting indicators and EAs?

PS all should be accessible via the data folder
PPS I'm on 1010 and am not have any lag. I use mostly only scripts, mostly no indicators and mosltly no EAs
Thanks Rod

Deleting all unused indicators, unused EA's , logs, and FXpro live/demo folder from history folders has done the trick.

Also reduced max history bars and chart history bars to 5000 and 10 000 respectively

Less Indicators will probably also improve your Trading 8)

Also, try and identify possible 'bad indicator behavior'. There are many many poorly coded indicators that do not properly address potential performance issues.
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