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I've finally decided to ditch MT4 due to ongoing instability issues and somewhat primitive functionality compared to several alternatives

My Platform of choice is cTrader with its cAlgo programming language.

some discussion


Any feedback on experiences with cTrader/cAlgo welcome.

Follows is a basic video on cAlgo use to produce a cBot (EA). Unlike MT4 more than one cBot can be concurrently run on each Chart.

cfd on stocks
cTrader and vAlgo are still a little under-baked, although still exhibit great potential.

In the interim I believe that a trade copier (MT4 master to cAlgo slave) is worth further investigation. Three options include -



http://en.simpletrader.net/ (MT4->cTrader suspended until issues resolved)
Rod is your decision to change strictly due to EA compatibility or does using C trader open up better broker options than with MT4?

What about liquidity/execution? and price manipulation?
It looks appealing, plus the external EA I use for trade management will soon support C trader.

How easy is it to convert indicators? or is there a c trader equivalent to Mql5?
foreigner said:
It looks appealing, plus the external EA I use for trade management will soon support C trader.

How easy is it to convert indicators? or is there a c trader equivalent to Mql5?

Best would be to recode in C#
other possibility is to use http://2calgo.com/ as an interim spolution

also look at

I have come to the conclusion that mirroring MT4 trades to cTrader is currently the best option. refer previous post.
foreigner said:
Accurate and timely execution with minimal slippage and spread widening.

Accurate and timely execution - seems better than MT4, although depends upon whether use synchronous or asynchronous execution.

minimal slippage and spread widening - seems so, although ECN does flick around a lot during News, say plus/minus up to 5 pipettes, which is obviously much less than the likes of Oanda.
Thanks Rod, 5 pipettes? Wow that sounds like a dream compared with MT4.

I frequently see price flick up and down by 15 pips on MT4 feeds, kinda renders the spread somewhat irrelevant..

Could you explain "synchronous or asynchronous execution" for us mere mortals? ;)
foreigner said:
..Could you explain "synchronous or asynchronous execution"..)

Synchronous and Asynchronous Execution
"... Synchronous trade operation methods, send requests to the server and wait for the server response, then pass execution to the statements that follow.

In asynchronous operation, when a request is send to the server, the program continues to execute the next statements, without waiting for the response from the server. The statements that follow the asynchronous trade operation request cannot assume anything about the result of those requests.

For example, if the program sends a request to execute a market order and then continues to place a limit order, the request to place a limit order will most probably be send to the server before the response is received, that position is opened, for instance. When the server response is received, the program can pass execution control to a callback function, then the necessary statements will be executed according to whether the operation was successful or not. We cover callbacks at the end of this section.

The benefit of using asynchronous execution is that a potentially time consuming process of waiting for the response from the server is avoided. Instead, execution continues and when the response arrives, control is passed to a callback if one is specified.
Do not confuse asynchronous operation with multi-threading. At any given time only one method can be invoked. cAlgo never invokes your methods in parallel so you don’t have to worry about multi-threading issues...."

I've found that the ECN spreads, in the LOKZ, varies widely between different cTrader Brokers, eg ranges from 0.0 to 0.5pips, so compare and choose carefully.
This is from the c trader overview pdf;

"cBroker is an administrative tool that combines and
follows every detail going through the system.
Crafted for simplicity of use, cBroker gives you full
control over your back office. Completely transparent
operations and details are always at your disposal,
giving you full control of every component.
cTrader: The New Standard in FX Trading 12
Risk Management
• Bid / Ask spread markups (per symbol)
• Book A / B switch (per group)
• Real-time exposure management tool
• DDE connection for external risk
management tools"

Presumably this means the platform is open to the same type of "risk management" dealer plugin's as MT4?
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