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Hi there! I’m interested to try my hand at forex trading. I’m currently a software engineering manager and engineer at a startup. I originally studied business with a focus in technology in undergrad but never really learned much about trading.

I was wondering what resources people can recommend? Do people recommend course like Udemy or are their bootcamps in this area?
Hello and welcome! I'm sorry it took me a while to see your post, I went on a short break because of Thanksgiving but hopefully you're still around. Being a software engineer is impressive, I'm sure you'll be able to trade once you put some time into learning.

I wouldn't recommend only using one resource or even paying to learn. I always did well with YouTube, Babypips, and other online resources like articles, videos, etc. on different sites. You can also eventually open a demo account for free through a broker to practice trading. This site is great and you should stick around, but I definitely think Babypips is a good one for beginners. They have an entire education section there, so it may give you an idea of where to start.
ICT - inner circle trader will provide you with top notch training for free, no catches, all on YouTube, you would pay big $ for much more inferior training.

He has provided his 2016 paid mentorship course for FREE on his YouTube channel. 200 plus videos.
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