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    Apr 24, 2014
    You may have noted that I have 2 other styles of indicator to identify the time zones when most market activity occurs, which is when most significant moves setup or end. You can see that I have changed from KillZones to TargetZones (it's just a personal choice). See here:,325.msg5845.html#msg5845

    Recently I saw a video from ICT that showed the following style of this tool.


    That appears to be a hack of a session indicator. Since sessions overlap each coloured bar is placed on a different vertical level. However, since these target zones do not overlap it results in unnecessary waste of screenestate.

    So I developed a new tool to do the job. This conserves precious screen space. It looks like this:


    I avoided use of prescriptive labels and kept it very generic. Instead of calling the target zones Asia, London, etc I have just called them TZ1, TZ2, TZ3 and TZ4.

    Since you may not want to use all 4 I have provided the option to switch one off, leaving 3 target zones.

    You can adjust the times to whatever suits your needs. The only things to remember are that times are entered as integers and that measurements are in whole hours, not half-hours like my other tools. You should be able to set it to any times whichever timezone your terminal uses, just experiment with the settings until you're all set.

    All the best.

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    Dec 7, 2016
    Great Little Indie, How ever I would love a modification of this if possible that DOES handle user input times. I.E 800-8.25, 09:100 etc..

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