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Anyone any experience with ATC Brokers?

Present themselves as 'pure' ECN, although through an Aggregater ('pure' to me is direct to Banks) non US residents US residents only

Short version of all of that: the only complaint at the NFA against them is that they had an account that was taking counter trades to the clients they acted as an IB for. Though they seem to be approved to be a being a Broker themselves, now, I'm not certain that's actually what they do right now.

I would be curious about their spreads, given they're a STP broker with commission pricing model.
I have had an account with ATC for about 2 years.
I am in the US. To me the best in the US.
They are basically a white label/IB of FXCM.
Your account (funds) is held by FXCM.
Your liquidity comes from FXCM. Your spreads are the same as the new FXCM raw spreads.

I have kept an account with ATC, because with me they have always done the right thing.
Commission is $8 per round turn- non negotiable. Must have 5k to open account.
ATC is the best broker I have traded so far. They react quickly and I've never had problems withdrawing money although it takes a couple of days. The spreads are tight and commissions competitive.
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