Am I stupid for attempting algotrading stocks first?

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I am very far from a pro, but fully prepared for a multi-year-long journey.

Recently I've heard that the crypto world is the blue square, stocks are black diamond, and forex is a double-black diamond... Am I stupid for going into the stock game first? Am I making things more difficult for myself and lowering my chance of profit?

I understand that most people fail, etc etc etc.. all that aside.

What are your thoughts?
Because the journey started on the default path (stocks) before hearing those insights.

I have since shifted gears to all crypto for the time being.. no splits, dividends, or earnings dates. And far easier to test / debug with a 24/7 open market.
Any update on how things are going with the crypto trading? Have you decided to stay away from stocks then?
Interested to hear how you got on. Definitely not stupid if you are trading stocks via leveraged CFD. Technical analysis can work on any chart.
Trading is about making gains. Choose your poison.
All have to find our path. Not the one I'd take personally but we're all different. I came into trading via EAs and many would say that was stupid (I'd be inclined to agree.
FTMO Trader Scouting