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Name: Aaron F.
Age: 27
Location: DMV
Occupation: Active Duty Navy Sailor
Years in: 5+; 6 in November
Rate/Rank: CTN2
Prior duty station(s): Pensacola, FL
Currently in school for: MS in Cybersecurity Technology AND MS in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation
Highest education achieved: BS in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity
Squat/Bench/Deadlift (in lbs): 425/280/500 @ 180

Experience in investing, FOREX trading, or anything of the sort: Little to no experience

I figured that because I have been involved with the Reddit community since 2010 that I would also consult said community regarding investing and FOREX trading.
Hello Aaron, welcome to the site. Your experience is impressive, it would also be interesting to hear some of your navy stories. Are you planning to eventually start investing in forex as well?
Hi Aaron, do you get much free time in the Navy to learn and practice trading? Be interested to hear how you balance that.
Sounds like you have quite the career ahead of you. Some very fruitful skills you have there. What made you want to get into forex out of interest?
Sounds like your quite driven and will be quite suited to Forex learning and the demands it can place on people
FTMO Trader Scouting