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    Learn to trade VS find good investment services

    Hi all, Somehting in my mind. Everyone thinks he can learn to trade, and trade well. Hoewever, the cruel reality is exacty the reverse as you all know. Thinking you can learn to trade well is a strong ego rubber. That's why many say they love the process. When in fact back in their minds is...
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    The Spyder

    Nah, am just the usual spot fx trader who bumped into fx commercials some good years ago. Now working my way towards an alternative income to my software dev job. Tried many things, finally settled to intermediate timeframes trading (M30, 1H) for quick swing trades. My "grand strategy" is to...
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    Having a little fun with Forex

    Interesting challenge. Will you publish your trading rules for the contest? I'm interested what I can learn from you in term of mechanization and testing mechanical edges ;).
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    The Spyder

    Hello everybdy, I'm messing with forex for many years already, in the pst 2 years started to take it as a business and started to develop a trading methodology that fits my personality. In my day job I'm a programmer, so I have some background to crunch data and develop EAs. In the end I...
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    Greetings weary travellers

    My python/pandas work deals exclusively with price related basic statistics (for now). Like "best" ATR period for a pair & timeframe such as std dev of the forecasted range is minimum etc. Genetic algorithms, interesting, I don't know what they are or how they are used, will add the topic on my...
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    It doesn't matter if indicators are flawed or not. If they are indeed used then orderflow will be created around the levels indicated by them. Confluence = more indicators pointing around the same level => more orders around the level. P.S. For how long my posts will be moderated? Tx.
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    Greetings weary travellers

    Hello everyone, Welcome John! Am glad you're around, read a review of your book which says you're doing your algo coding/testing in python. Which I also started to use for statistical analysis. Tried to use R but since I come from a programming background I couldn't get used to it. Tried...
FTMO Trader Scouting