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    ICT Actual Case Study

    Nice trade I was long trying to catch the run above the asian highs. Stopped out at B/E
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    Supply And Demand

    How can you call this technical vomit? For me these concepts are very similar to ICT.s and that is what made me give it a look. ICT told you that price moves from liquidity pocket to liquidity pocket. How is that any different from what you saw in the pdf that you scrolled through? Actually...
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    Supply And Demand
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    Supply And Demand

    I first learned about s/d in the price is everything pdf. It's a collection of charts and comments from a thread on another forum. Members in the thread would post charts before and after the trade so you could follow exactly what they were looking at and why.
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    I can still view them. Must be on your end.
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    NZD / JPY

    Official cash rate and monetary policy statement this week
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    Andrew Keene has opened his weekly option trading room today for free I am not a member of his trading room. Just a twitter follower.
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    Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide - InnerCircleTrader

    Here are sqa's notes from the session. Live Stream 2014-04-28 Notes. Note: this was supposed to be 2 hours. It hit around 4.5 hours. :o Quote Central Bank Dealer's Range & "Little Known Strategy" for growing a small account quickly. Dealer's Range lets you look "behind" Price Action...
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    Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide - InnerCircleTrader

    they are from the live session when he taught about the dealer ranges. I believe sqa has the links to the downloads posted.
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    ICT Homework Thread April 20 - May 2nd 2014

    Re: ICT Homework Thread NZDUSD day of official cash rate decision
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    I am interested
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    Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide - InnerCircleTrader

    I have been waiting for this shift in the market since early December. If you add the gswiss10 to your chart the divergence really jumps out.
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    Three Word Story. A forum game.

    Mission To...
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    Three Word Story. A forum game.

    With Two Wives
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    Three Word Story. A forum game.

    Brokerage far away
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