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FTMO Trader Scouting
hello every one in this community i am so happy to be here with you so every one can share his knowledge for the benefit of us all. i am not professional but i have been studying forex for about a year.
Hi Jack.
I am looking for a solution to automate my NinjaTading 7 or NT 8 trading. I am using NT Cotinuum provider and I can not find Pyton solution Pyton to work with NT7 data feed and placing buy/sell orders. My Idea=modificatons of PyTrade or QTPyLip. Your suggestion? Perhaps you already developed some solution which cover this topic. I like to run scipt first on rospberry PI4

Lots of US news coming out today: FOMC Economic Projections, FOMC Statement and FOMC Press Conference
Back testing strategy with the help of my son (13 years old). Got to teach him young. I learn and he learns. #FatherandSon
Focusing on trades with a minimum of 3:1 R&R ratio. Unfortunately, It can make my stop tighter than I am use to.
I was laid off at work due to the covid, then i got an interest in the Tradeo but to my surprise i haven't been able to make withdrawals. I'm taking legal action against them , in strict compliance with the EU Legislative Directives, thanks to Wealth Watch Intl

Yesterday AUD/USD, shows me why it important to not trade during news events. Exit all trades and re-enter once the market settles down. Major repricing.


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My Drill:

My Drill for this week 3/15/21 - 3/19/2021- Cut trades immediately when they show the trade does meet my thesis. Do not hold. Do not try to rationalize, just cut the trade. Get comfortable with cutting the trade (cuttings losses) and protecting account.
A note to myself:

Do not be stubborn. It is okay to be wrong. Cut the trade and look for a re-entry. Remember- protect my account not my ego.
FTMO Trader Scouting