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Hi all.
Kind of a hard week and hard times at all and here i`m am again. Is all about Bitcoin lost or it`s just a healthy correction? Guess what… nothing is lost yet, not at all. Be sure that when something in the Bitcoin`s life change in negative direction i`ll admit it but that time isn`t come yet.
In the next 3 posts i`ll show you how nothing has changed in Bitcoin`s technicals (up to this date) after this week`s dip. This 3 charts will be daily, weekly and monthly.
I`m starting with the lowest and may be the less interesting chart – daily. In this chart we`ll see a couple of indicators – 50 MA, 200 MA, EMA Ribbon and the fibo levels. The price is still above the 50 MA and a bit lower from the 200 MA – not a 100% bullish but bullish after all. The more interesting is the interaction between both MA`s. As you`ll see from the chart we`re very close to so called Golden cross – very bullish. What about EMA ribbon? The price is not above it but it`s also not below it. The ribbon itself is not in a flipping position too. These 2 facts are also more bullish than bearish. Fibo levels you can use as support and resistance levels. If we fall way lower, I believe at least the golden pocket (from $38400 and $37600) will react as a strong support and we`ll bounce from there and this will be around $10000 higher than the previous low – positive for the actual bull run.
That`s it for now. Like I said above, this is not so interesting but the next (weekly) chart will be way more interesting and bullish.
See ya and remember… DCA (dollar cost average) all the way. It`s a marathon not a sprint.
Very well explained.

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Hi all.
I`m here again but this time will be a bit more different from the other ones.
I`ll be short and most of you will not like the below chart may be, but in the markets we must be always emotionless.
In short, BTC price could be at the edge of the cliff right now. When we look at the daily chart we’re seeing a very good looking ascending channel. That’s bullish right, but when we zoom out we’re seeing something a lot more different than bullish. That’s a bear flag. If you don’t know what a bear flag is then just google it, but a bear flag, like it`s name is showing, is a bear pattern. There’s no confirmation breakdown yet but if this happen we could see a price drop to the mid $20K - around $25000. We just got to be prepared and the world (and BTC) would NOT end with this. Will this happen only the time will show. When will be the bottom if this happen… Think I have something in my pocket to point the bottom but I`ll tell you more about this if and when this drop happen.
That’s it for now. A simple and clear chart. I hope that such negative charts will be less and less in future but that`s the real life. I have something positive prepared for the next time too plus some trading strategies testing but for all of this… when the time have come.
See ya.


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Looks like we saw your move down to $25500ish. I still think this move back up to just below $30k is a retracement before the bigger move to $20k next.
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