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    ICT - Michael J. Huddleston

    Why do you need an indicator to see market structure?
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    ICT Indicators

    Agreed, using your eyes should suffice for structure.
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    Hey there and welcome! Where are you learning at the moment?
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    ICT concepts

    He's doing a YouTube series starting later this month where he is going to do a lot of mentoring there for free. Worth a look!
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    help me please

    Red flags all over the place then.
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    5 Things I have learned in 5 years of trading!

    I think they are key in all aspects of life let alone in trading which can be testing
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    help me please

    Google is your friend as are review sites (not just one!).
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    Hello everyone

    Hi and welcome. How are you finding your education? It's a good idea to start considering the sort of trading styles that might suit you based on how much time you have to trade, your tolerance for the speed the charts move and cruciually what you enjoy. This can help you channel your learning...
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    Any good demo charting software with replay abilities?

    I know there is a cost but honestly TV is well worth it if you buy it on Black Friday sale. They do it every year and it's around 60% off
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    Hello Everyone.

    So important to treat a demo as close to you would a live account as you can. It helps create good habits going forward.
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    ICT concepts

    He does like to waffle but tucked away in the waffle are some gems, at least in my opinion. Break it up into smaller segments that are more palatable for you as there is no rush.
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    Why do people wanna change their methods?

    Lack of understanding and impatience leads to frequently changing strategies as well as disproportionate expectations about what a winning strategy might make them.
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    im looking for a trading strategy that works.

    Best get practicing then. You can only draw inspiration form others as they are not YOU. You need to work out what is going to work for you broadly and then refine that into a strategy you can work on and with long term. Failure to do so will lead to burnout.
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Getting the impression this tip is pricing in the expected inflation figures again this week for the US.
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    ICT concepts

    Are you watching his free YT content or got a moody copy of his mentorship course?
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