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    ICT concepts

    The free content is absolutely amazing. Can only imagine what a mentor course would be like!
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    ICT - Michael J. Huddleston

    Ive heard it is the most comprehensive trading course out there but you are correct in that you have to come up with models yourself with his guidance and content its pretty easy to do ive been told
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    Risk/reward tool

    Use this too its very helpful. TV is so easy to use compared to mt4 imo
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    That'll pose a new set of problems as you say itll not help in the short term
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    What I've figured out so far from shopster study.

    Going to give this a watch this evening! thanks for sharing :)
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    How to setup Twitter to stream the latest FX and Economic news for 2020 and 2021!

    This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I always just kept refreshing forex factory lol
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    Trading Strategy

    Thanks for sharing. Some of the best strategies are the simplest ones
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    Where is the best place to learn how to create a trading strategy ?

    Very true i think everyone has there own version of strategies they have learned. Lots of places to start but you very rarely trade the same as any other trader
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    A new member to the community

    Welcome! work hard and keep your head down and keep persistent and you will get there. Best of luck :)
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    5 Ways To Make Money From The Markets Without Capital

    I never knew about the demo trading competitions. I suppose they're looking for talented traders and want to find them wherever they are
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    What’s your hidden reason for becoming a trader?

    My ultimate goal is freedom and the fact it can be done anywhere in the world and it doesnt take a lot to make a liveable income. Its just focusing on the process and being consistent
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    Need review for Funding Talent

    It was really good to have a competitor to FTMO but unfortunately wasnt to be
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Haha love this, its lining up for the same as last year though! December ATH?
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    Newbie from Canada

    Welcome! we were all there and we were all intimated and slightly overwhelmed. Dont worry you'll get there :)
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    EUR/USD Pares Heavy Losses Below 1.1800 Ahead Of US Data, Fed

    Seems its reaching for a nice imbalance on the monthly, nearly there now interesting to see its reaction once there! :)
FTMO Trader Scouting