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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    Welcome please feel free to ask any questions, this is an amazing forum :)
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    Experienced traders, do you still lose due to emotions?

    I agree, i think it has to be put into a trading plan like any other element. It is hard to sometimes take but its so important to be mentally flexible and be kind to yourself when you do make mistakes
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    Inner Circle Trader Notes

    Its amazing what he's giving away for free. So much there if its applied
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    Purposeful Practice, sizing up, and why to Keep a Trading Journal

    It really is! its the tonic we all need sometimes though lol
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Its still hovering around that 30k mark wonder where the breakout will be to the up or down side
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome :). you have found a nice friendly forum where someone should be able to help if needs be :)
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    Hello everyone, I'm new in forex trading

    Hi Rupali, hope you are doing well and welcome :) be sure to post your progress or any questions you have
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    Purposeful Practice, sizing up, and why to Keep a Trading Journal

    It really is so key, the trading journal shows you the ugly truths you may not want to acknowledge. Its a vital tool for traders at all levels imo
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    Any good demo charting software with replay abilities?

    I think TradingView pro has good replay but you need to be using it for more than that as can be quite expensive without the Black Friday deal
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    For sure these are the same people selling that will buy at 70K lol
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    Battle of the Platforms: Metatrader vs cTrader

    Me too i just feel at home there lol its so 80s but so easy to use as well
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    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    What are people's thoughts on the Naked Trader? heard its good thinking of giving that a go next
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    SessionKillZones - SessionOpenLines - and a handy utility

    Nice thanks! ill definitely give these a try
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    FXGears now on Instagram!

    Nice ill follow today!
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Definitely see the logic behind the analysis. As you say thought BTC wont end with this only a healthy correction
FTMO Trader Scouting