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    SMT Divergence

    I do that too. Its really good to have some checks and balances
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    Welcome, any questions i think there'll be plenty of people to help!
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    It really is i think that's why so many dont last in trading the idea of losing money even though being up long term doesnt sit well with people at all
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    Recommended Books for FOREX Trading in 2020

    I do the same with things like emotional and mental fortitude i think lots of different ways of thinking is good and can help trading
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    Youngest student of Sir Michael J. Huddleston (ICT)

    Why do you call him a scammer out of interest?
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    50% discount on TradingView Pro when paying with Bitcoin / Crypto

    I used Instacoins for a while now doing similar just buying some and putting it aside each month from my wages. Try to forget its there until BTC reaches 1 million lol
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    Buying Bitcoin

    I think it's going there too. I'll trade it on but i use instacoins to buy monthly from my wages so i can just keep a small amount ticking over. Going to try out using Binance more too but happy with the others im using at the moment.
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    ICT Mikey Rekt

    This is nuts, ive just come across this thread now. Wonder what purpose all this stress and aggravation serves
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    Welcome please feel free to ask any questions, this is an amazing forum :)
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    Experienced traders, do you still lose due to emotions?

    I agree, i think it has to be put into a trading plan like any other element. It is hard to sometimes take but its so important to be mentally flexible and be kind to yourself when you do make mistakes
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    Inner Circle Trader Notes

    Its amazing what he's giving away for free. So much there if its applied
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    Purposeful Practice, sizing up, and why to Keep a Trading Journal

    It really is! its the tonic we all need sometimes though lol
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    Bitcoin Technical Analysis

    Its still hovering around that 30k mark wonder where the breakout will be to the up or down side
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome :). you have found a nice friendly forum where someone should be able to help if needs be :)
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    Hello everyone, I'm new in forex trading

    Hi Rupali, hope you are doing well and welcome :) be sure to post your progress or any questions you have
FTMO Trader Scouting