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    ICT Forexmas 2014 / Market Maker Series

    Hello Fellow Traders, MMSeries5 "Controlling The Board" missing, is there any detailing regarding the issue? Please share! And also share the difference between Mitigation Blocks and The Breaker.
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    SMT Divergence

    May I have the indicator please?
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    ICT Forexmas 2014 / Market Maker Series

    Congratulations AKA, one of Senior ICT follower, I would request for a post (long), about your experience on achievement. How long it took, how you struggle, how you prepared, what would you suggest to your fellow trader. I think your sharing experience will inspire us and trusting ICT...
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    Cable&Fiber: Intraday Setups

    Can someone share RectangleReader Indicator that ICT uses in his analysis, please?
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    ICT Advanced Price Action Trading Concepts

    Thank you bro Sqa, I appreciate your efforts, once I tried, it takes long time but you can learn many thing those we usually overlook. You remind me Clint of babypips, he made the Glossary of ICT, I don't know whether babypips has that page still on or not but for me I saved a copy, here is a...
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    ICT Advanced Price Action Trading Concepts

    Hello Friends, Most of us of this thread are following ICT Price Action concept and OTE is very impressive entry point, but all of us watching same chart but result is different, so I decided to note the confluences in respect of most importance. If you have a different view, please share us...
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    ICT Homework Thread April 20 - May 2nd 2014

    Re: ICT Homework Thread Was a bit late to take profit. Thought London close will be good time to get out.....but Smart Money is alway one step ahead of us. :)
FTMO Trader Scouting