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    InnerCircleTrader - people

    Hi there, My name is John. I'm new around here. I follow Michael's teachings and I find them to be brilliant. I used to love forums as a way to meet trading friends and than I got away from posting. I miss talking about trading though so hear I am. Anyway this seems like a nice place to...
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    I use vps for my trading. here's why. When I first started trading I spent years trading with ea's. Than I started focusing on my manual trading. The problem for me was I also run an electrical contracting business and because of that I cannot sit in front of the charts. My option was to...
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    customizable period separator

    Hi guys, Just a quick hello. This is my first post here. I wanted to post something useful for my first post ;D So here goes. I follow ICT methods. I noticed he posted some indicators and than they came down. I did not get the chance to see if there was a customizable period separator...