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Discussion in 'Brokers' started by Ramy3, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    52 Currency Pairs
    $200 Min Account Opening Balance
    All trading styles allowed

    Edge Standard Accounts:
    • Spreads from 1pip
    • $0 Commission per Trade
    • Trade from 0.01 lots
    • Leverage to 500:1

    Edge Razor Accounts:
    • Raw ECN Spreads from 0.0 pips
    • $3.5 Commission per 100k trade
    • Trade from 0.01 lots
    • Leverage to 500:1
  2. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Hah.. you would start this thread with a music video. :p
  3. Alpha-Bet

    Alpha-Bet Well-Known Member

    Nice to be back home... ;)
  4. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    So, looks like we are letting anybody in here, lol. :p Just kidding. Cheers!
  5. Alpha-Bet

    Alpha-Bet Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, Pepperstone performing flawlessly as per usual.
  6. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    I have no idea how I didn't see this earlier:

    Pepper is doing a daily market commentary now.
  7. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Still waiting on CTrader release. (If you weren't aware, Pepper will be getting CTrader and CAlgo as a platform option.) Should be soon.


    Also, I read on ForexMagnates that Sirix got an overhaul (Sirix is what Pepper uses for their webtrader and mobile alternatives.)

    I emailed in asking if we'd see the new webtrader (which looks slick,) and they responded that they will be getting it as the platform is rolled out to brokers using Sirix.

    So between Sirix and CTrader, Pepper will have people who like web interfaces covered.

    The new Sirix webtrader looks something like this:
  8. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    Still happy with these guys. Thight executions.
  9. Alpha-Bet

    Alpha-Bet Well-Known Member

    Top outfit.

    Had my doubts regarding the world of Spot FX having done all my Currency trading through CME and hearing the horror stories of Spot.

    Pepperstone provide tight spreads, crisp executions and stable reliable connection.
    Dealing with Pepperstone support, back office and trading desk has always been first rate.

    I recommend Pepperstone and will continue to do so until I report differently.

    I have no affiliation with Pepperstone other than an active trading account.
  10. shopster

    shopster Well-Known Member

    " Pepper, crisp execution........."


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  11. Alpha-Bet

    Alpha-Bet Well-Known Member

    How did you get a photo of my office?
    Traded the aeron for the model you see before you.
    Security guard is posted to keep those annoying Hedge Fund head hunters at bay.
  12. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Got an email from Pepper last night. The new web trader by appears to be live.

    I tried it out and it's a vast improvement over the previous web trader. The new version is rather slick actually..

    Quite pleased with this. :)

  13. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    Re: Pepperstone - Feedback

    For those actually intrested in this.

    I like MT4, and put so much time into setting it up to suit my needs that contemplating the learning curve of a new platform is out of the question for me...

    And if you guys think that a third party application and/or manipulations will not be happening in the near future via Ctrader, well.. Best of luck to y’a. Or, I really missed something real important here…

  14. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    The platform itself isn't going to make someone a better trader, it's just a different option that some people are going to like more than others.

    MT4 still works perfectly well and does the job.

    I'm just excited for cTrader since I like new toys. :p

    That and it opens up C# to write EAs in... MQL4 can be limiting at times.
  15. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    The young bucks challenge to learn and defeat. I get it, been there. But, honestly, I may still be in the old computer age, but nothing for me warrants the need to learn something new at the moment. Time will tell. May take a couple of decades for this to take off on its own.

    My only thoughts on this for the moment, is its a mass underground campaign done wisely to profit the seller. That’s all it is to me for now.

    It’s all a game of money and profit no matter how you dress it up. all will end in the same way. Look at LMAX.
  16. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, as I said, MT4 still does the job. There's no edge to be found in the platform alone unless it has some feature absolutely required by your strategy...

    Techies (like myself) tend to like new toys.. but it's a 'want', not a 'need' for sure.

    Pepper has gotten a lot of requests for cTrader, so they are also just fulfilling client demand as well.

    Eventually MT4 will fall from the top spot in retail trading platforms.. maybe cTrader will replace it, maybe it will be some other platform.. We shall see. 8)
  17. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    LOL,Time will tell. You may be right or you maybe wrong.
  18. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    On A serious note; I have no issues with MT4. Besides the trade context busy issue, and that has been addressed with recent updates. Other than that I am happy. It took me forever to figure out their coding, anyways, good luck to you all with Ctrader.
  19. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    LOL.. you sound like we're all leaving you behind. :p

    So far, brokers who offer MT4 and cTrader are still seeing ~90% of their user base on MT4.

    We will all be MT4 users for a long time to come. :)
  20. Ramy3

    Ramy3 May the pips be with you!

    No like button, or thumbs up smiley,pffff.... so here :p

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