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  1. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Hi there folks following Michael Huddlestons work also known as ICT,

    My name is Mauro and I have been a retail forex trader for almost 10 years now with mixed results along the way. This until I came across ICT.

    I found the ICT trading framework last year and it immediately grasped my attention. Long story short, I went thru the whole video series in a matter of days and I instantly began to implement it in the following weeks as my full trading system.

    I got to tell ya that this is the most consistent as I have ever been as a trader and very happy with it actually.

    But enough about me so lets cut to the chase.

    As a part of my learning process with this method, I decided to make a series of videos using the ICT method exclusively.

    My videos will attempt to be reviews of trades I actually took as well as planned trades. I will try to demonstrate the thought process behind each and every trade by allocating the ICT trading framework if you will.

    I dearly hope that this series of videos will become some type of journal as well as a tool for knowledge exchange with Michael himself as well as with other ICT traders. It is needless to mention that creative and wise input will be very welcome.

    Last but not least, I ask for your patience and understanding for my early videos as I am not an English native speaker and it is very hard for me to translate ideas into English. ;-)


  2. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Re: ICT Journal & Actual Case Study

  3. sqa

    sqa Village Scribe

    I honestly thought you just has a heavy New Jersey accent until you mentioned it at the start of the video. ;)

    Seriously, I've had a lot harder problems dealing with a few native speakers, haha.
  4. sqa

    sqa Village Scribe

    In one thing you have over ICT, you're a bit smoother with working in the MT4 platform. ;D

    Good analysis, good trade setup & good explanation. If I traded Kiwi, I'd have taken that trade as well.

    On the accent, the one thing that tends to trip up a lot is that English is spoken with larger mouth movements, so the only place it really showed up was as a soft "ki" in "kiwi". It sounds like "Key", with a pretty harsh K sound, coming from a native speaker. "Key-Wee" does, however, sound strange for a Fruit and/or Bird.
  5. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Here is a video I did from my bed this morning. ;D

    EURJPY expected short. Will come back later for analysis on why I think this is a good trade.

    For the time being, please have a look at your charts and bring some input if you could. It would mean a lot to me.

    Best to all.

  6. sqa

    sqa Village Scribe

    Quick mark up of the Trade.

    The small White Box is the ICT Reflection from Thursday. 137.50 is a good level to target. Could definitely see that level hit during the "Sunday" time frame next week.

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  7. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Yeah. It's closing in. Could get there as soon as today during morning NY session. some US news could make the push. will see what happens.

    Will try to record the video for the trade today.

    Thx for the input.
  8. sqa

    sqa Village Scribe

    Should be running down nicely now. ;)
  9. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

  10. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Not bad for a Friday, huh? ;D
  11. SLT

    SLT Official GDayFX.com Rep

    Nice job

    This is a position trade... GBPJPY


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  12. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Nice one Dan. Could you elaborate on the "ICT" steps used to take this trade please?

  13. SLT

    SLT Official GDayFX.com Rep

    Entry of confidence weighted
    Combination of High time frame perspective 30%
    New York 30%
    Resistance level 20%
    back into Mondays range 10%
    Institutional level 171.420 (that level is not a major factor) 10%
    anything more than 100% is extra confidence
  14. SLT

    SLT Official GDayFX.com Rep

    Also it is not a bad idea, logging some of your trades via video, you can then look back on them
    and learn from the inevitable. I know i have
    Started trading just over two years ago, i consider myself still a beginner
  15. SLT

    SLT Official GDayFX.com Rep

  16. TheInnerCircleTrader

    TheInnerCircleTrader Well-Known Member


    I have to ask you to do something about this thread. Apparently, these guys are trying to ruin the reputation I have of not having the insights into helping new Traders. This is going to ruin me. :-\
  17. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

  18. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry if this thread is bothering you. If you want, I can pull it out. No problem.

    I just thought that I could share my logic with you and some of the other guys that trade alike (ICT) in a more visual fashion

    I apologise for any inconvenience.
  19. TheInnerCircleTrader

    TheInnerCircleTrader Well-Known Member

    LOL It was an attempt at jest

    You guys are doing great. Kinda thumbing my nose at my detractors. :p
  20. jupiter_peak

    jupiter_peak Well-Known Member

    Ah, ok. Sorry about that. :p

    Detractors are just detractors.

    I hope this becomes kind of a live testimonial for your great work. Will try to post as many "ahead of time" and live trades as I can.

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