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Discussion in '3rd Party Services' started by kiwi, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. kiwi

    kiwi Member

    I want to know if anyone has used this service for forex signals. I looked on another forum and found positive feedback but I would like further confirmation from this community if possible. Would it be possible to post some results?
  2. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Please tell me you're not here to shill for them.. mentioning a random service not many people know of to draw attention to them..


    Anyway.. no, don't sign up to any signal service. Dux looks like junk. Even if a signal service looks good, it's likely junk.

    Simply put: No one wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says "I'm going to make someone else rich today."

    Learn to trade on your own.
  3. kiwi

    kiwi Member

    No I am not affiliated with them in any way. I am just curious. Have you tried them before?
  4. rod178

    rod178 Well-Known Member

    Most probably crap, which is the reason why I would not waste my time with it.
    Do not believe what you read.
    If it was good you would not be able to afford it

    PS I can sell you some signals to make you rich, I need to create some entry and exit opportunities, for myself
  5. kiwi

    kiwi Member

    I don't understand, your saying they are crap but you also say you have not used them, so how do you know? I wanted to see some statistics of their performance. Then we can determine if they are worth it or not.
  6. chrisbuckle

    chrisbuckle Member

    What they are saying is that majority of signals services are hype. I guess we can't rule them out unless we try them out. I am going to subscribe later on and post the results...only way to find out if they are good.
  7. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    No. Nor do I plan to try them. I have never paid for a signal service. I have an ideological incompatibility with them.

    Signal services are far too shady.. often they make far more off their subscribers than they've ever been able to make in the markets. Real traders protect their edge, not whore it out for a few bucks a month... something's wrong if you're willing to tilt your hand to the public for a monthly fee; likely there's no edge to be found there at all.
  8. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member

    Oh god, exactly what I was hoping wouldn't happen is happening... by simply mentioning their name, we've driven business to them.

    Signal services aren't the answer; I do not know a single person who's become wealthy--earning real money--from trading other people's signals. The only people I've ever thought were doing well turned out to be marketers in disguise (shills.)

    Signal services sell the dream of effortless trading / riches... Don't get caught up by it.
  9. chrisbuckle

    chrisbuckle Member

    Op seems pretty genuine. If they have bad results then it will be posted here for everyone to see. Either way if its good or bad, traders can check the performance for factual reasons.
  10. rod178

    rod178 Well-Known Member

    Have a look at Darwinex

    It is not a 'signal service' as such, rather you are given the ability to share in the wins and losses of successful Traders, who are selected via survival of the fittest.

    I am not a subscriber or affiliated in any way
  11. shopster

    shopster Well-Known Member

    it must be xmas. the crap is loading up my inbox. bend over.

  12. Th3Lucky1

    Th3Lucky1 Just another 1

    Now finally we all can make it.. ;D

  13. jack

    jack Administrator Staff Member


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