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Yesterday AUD/USD, shows me why it important to not trade during news events. Exit all trades and reenter once the market settles down. Major repricing.


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My Drill:

My Drill for this week 3/15/21 - 3/19/2021- Cut trades immediately when they show the trade does meet my thesis. Do not hold. Do not try to rationalize, just cut the trade. Get comfortable with cutting the trade (cuttings losses) and protecting account.
A note to myself:

Do not be stubborn. It is okay to be wrong. Cut the trade and look for a re-entry. Remember- protect my account not my ego.
A note to myself:

When you are starting out as a new trader: “Trade small because that’s when you are as bad as you are ever going to be. Learn from your mistakes.” – Richard Dennis
Hi Tricia,Ive just joined the dischord group.
However i would really like to receive your Free Intraday Trades & Scalps
as they are posted .Is this possible through Dischord ? Would be great to get these signals .To be included.At this stage im seeking sound signals,to try and improve my trading Fx.Any advise appreciated.Regards
Hello Everyone. Am new to trading and glad to come here for help and guidance from the seasoned traders on the inside ways of the market navigation.
Thank you all in advance and I hope to have a good communication and help as I navigate my way up the market through your assistance.
Jack, Thanks for the welcome.
Hi Everyone. I'm happy to be here. I'm into bots for quite some time already, but feel like missing some important puzzle pieces. I'm sure, I can do better and look forward to some insights and fruitful discussions here.
Hi Everyone, Glad to be here. I have been struggling with making consistent profit. I am presently working on psychology and building a winning strategy that resonate with my personality.
Hi all,im from kenya and my journey as trader has been like through hell and back that is if it does exist.But along the away the way i came across ICT and at first i was sceptical about it.But my instict told me to atleast try to have a look of what is inside since i had nothing to loose... and damn! that was my reaction after doing the first series of sniper.A hidden Gem! Thats what i could say.
Hi all, I am from South Africa and have been trading for about 2 years. After much searching I stumbled across ICT teachings and although still learning i am finally making headway to become a successful trader. I am honoured to be part of this team and thanks for all the wonderful information shared.
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Hi I am also from South Africa. Been trading on and off for 8 years now. I began really serious research about a year ago and only recently took Michael's ICT seriously. This trader is a Master at his art. No doubt! If you been through the Scout Sniper series at twice then you will understand why he is so good. You may contact me @Fxraj on Telegram to share ideas
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Hi all my name is Prince and I am happy to join FX Gears as I think this will give me an urge when the bears and bulls are in a market smackdown
Hi sqa
Please I need the links to the ICT materials because it is already broken on your post
FTMO Trader Scouting