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FTMO Trader Scouting
hello , love from india , i have been trading and tracking FX markets since past 1 year . now i want to further upgrade my trading style into automated trading in fx markets. shall i learn MQL4 vs MQL5 vs python ? for automation and backtesting .
thanks and regards
hello every one in this community i am so happy to be here with you so every one can share his knowledge for the benefit of us all. i am not professional but i have been studying forex for about a year.
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Hi Justen!

Not sure if you have been introduced to ICT, but if you really want to improve your knowledge of the markets, I would highly suggest to go to ICT YT videos. They are free and those videos, if studied properly, your trading will improve immensely!
Hi Jack.
I am looking for a solution to automate my NinjaTading 7 or NT 8 trading. I am using NT Cotinuum provider and I can not find Pyton solution Pyton to work with NT7 data feed and placing buy/sell orders. My Idea=modificatons of PyTrade or QTPyLip. Your suggestion? Perhaps you already developed some solution which cover this topic. I like to run scipt first on rospberry PI4

Lots of US news coming out today: FOMC Economic Projections, FOMC Statement and FOMC Press Conference
Back testing strategy with the help of my son (13 years old). Got to teach him young. I learn and he learns. #FatherandSon
Focusing on trades with a minimum of 3:1 R&R ratio. Unfortunately, It can make my stop tighter than I am use to.
I was laid off at work due to the covid, then i got an interest in the Tradeo but to my surprise i haven't been able to make withdrawals. I'm taking legal action against them , in strict compliance with the EU Legislative Directives, thanks to Wealth Watch Intl
FTMO Trader Scouting