IG vs Forex Ltd


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When you are offered "guaranteed stops" you know you are not dealing with a real market place.

Caveat emptor

foreigner said:
IG have just announced lower charges for guaranteed stops! YEAY!!

So now theyre going to charge you less to not rip you off. BONUS!!

In my experience slippage is not the problem with IG, its price feed manipulation and ignoring your exit orders altogether.

As soon as your on the back foot they will kick you when your down, absolutely despicable. You have been warned.



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Alpha-Bet said:
Foreigner, can I interest you in IG's Sprint options...... ;D

Erm No, Im good for dirty brokers thanks.. ;)


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AusDoc said:
This should make your day foreigner. IG has cut its forex spreads from truly terrible to just unacceptable. :)
lol I was about to post the same image..

I guess the "Get Ripped off 4 Less" slogan still works!


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IG - "We've cut our forex spreads" (becuase we make more money by depleting your account, little by little.)