How to Attach or Embed Images Into Your Post


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There are two ways you can post images to this forum: Attaching them, and embedding them.


Attaching an image is best if you don't want to use a 3rd party site to host the image file first before posting. The image will be uploaded from your computer to FXGears' and appended to the end of your post.

You can find the option to upload an attachment when you create a new post or thread: Just below the text box where you write the body of your post, you'll see an "Attachment and other options" link. Click this, it will drop down a list of options and the 'Attach' file prompt. Then just click "choose file", select the file from your computer, and it will upload once you submit your post.


Embedding an image will need you to host it the file first with a 3rd party like photobucket,, imageshack, etc... and then use the IMG tag within your post to place the image.

When you want to post an image, first upload it to (or another free image hosting service) and then use BB code to add the image to your post as such:

This is simply taking the image URL from the net and placing the IMG tags around it.

The above example which looks like this:

To save a little time, there's an "insert image" button as well in the formatting section of a new post window, it's directly below the 'Bold' button. Clicking this just wraps whatever text/url you have currently highlighted with the IMG tags, so it makes posting an image a little faster.

I do recommend for free image hosting. They are reliable and even give you pre-made BB code links (the image URL with the IMG tag already wrapped around it) right after you upload the image so you can just copy and past the completed tag directly into your post.

Feel free to reply to this thread with any questions.