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    Price Action with CndlstckChic

    Disclaimer: anything you read below is my humble opinion, I do not claim to have been the original progenitor of any of these concepts, but just want to list the benefits of PA as I understand them (because I don't see a lot of PA specific material on this site and I do believe it is the best...
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    I use the 10, 20, and 200 EMAs - are they effective on all timeframes? Or do I need different EMAs for different time frames? thx
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    kelliPA trade journal

    Hello everyone, I guess I'll just start with a trade I placed just now...a sell on USDJPY. First of all, I mainly trade off the daily. Sometimes looking to the 4 hour chart for entry. So, anyway, looking at the last several weeks on the UJ daily, and price experienced a steep climb and was...
FTMO Trader Scouting