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FTMO Trader Scouting
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    It is good to see that we are inspired by solid mentor, and that is ICT! I am a beginner in this forex market. I would love to share my ideas and brainstorm with you guys about the ICT concepts. If we can select a time to meet in this forum, that would be great! I am looking to grow with you...
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    newbie from Ghana

    Hi. Lets share some ideas on trading forex as we embark on our journey to success! Below are my opinions or suggestions as we engage the charts: 1) Open a demo account and paper trade your results. 2) It is vital to know what is a swing high and swing low. Learn what is support and resistance...
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    Howdy! Beginner from US

    Thank you for having me on this platform. Who are you following in this FX world?
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    Howdy! Beginner from US

    I'm new to FX Gears myself. If you haven't done so already, please watch ICT (Inner Circle Trader) on YT. Start with the ICT W.E.N.T Series.
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    newbie from Ghana

    Hi Bro, Or, you can go to ICT's (Inner Circle Trader) YouTube channel. You will find great content there. Start with the ICT W.E.N.T series, then watch, "ICT Forex Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide Series". It's all free content. Dimitry
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    Inner Circle Trader Notes

    Solid point, Gon! I am a new member and an aspiring FX trader. I've been trading on/off for over a year, but haven't set a foundation or a deep understanding how and when to trade. There's a lot of information on YouTube and I came across ICT. Watched some videos and come to know I am hooked to...
FTMO Trader Scouting