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    Support & Resistance: Natural & Implied

    I am now studying ICT's WENT Tutorial series. The WENT_4 tutorial video deals with Support & Resistance. Here is some important information about the 2 classificatons of S/R levels: (1) NATURAL S&R LEVELS (Fixed & Rolling): * 12 month Highs & Lows * Semi-annual highs & lows...
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    ICT's Superset of Indicators & Templates

    Folks: I recently discovered ICT's material and this is my 2nd post to this news group. During my first loop thru ICT's tutorials, I carefully compiled all of the indicators & templates that showed up on his screen, from time to time. Here is the list of all of ICT templates/indicators that I...
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    ICT Indicators & Templates

    Hello folks: I am Boomerang and I am new to this forum. Just finished my first loop of the ICT Tutorials. Kept seeing all of those ICT Templates and Indicators. Wondering if there is some location out there where I can download those ICT Indicators & Templates ? Also, I am aware of Bill...
FTMO Trader Scouting